Randall Furnas

Randall Furnas

Chief, Power Division

Mr. Randall Furnas is Chief of the Power Division in the Research and Engineering Directorate at the Glenn Research Center (GRC). He is responsible for leading the Center’s power competency, which includes research, technology development and aerospace flight projects for power subsystems and overall power system designs.

Mr. Furnas has 37 years of NASA experience since beginning his career at the Lewis Research Center in 1980, after graduating from Case Western Reserve University and Miami University. He is a graduate of NASA’s Professional Development Program, and the Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program. He completed extensive management and executive development within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), TRW Incorporated, the Ohio Aerospace Institute, and at NASA Headquarters. He developed a broad base of NASA experience throughout those 37 years by serving in space flight systems engineering and analysis positions ranging from fluid and thermal analysis to fluid systems design for ground-based and flight-based systems; various project management roles; and multiple supervisory positions throughout the Center.

Prior to being named Chief of the Power Division, Mr. Furnas served four years as the Acting Deputy Director of the Space Flight Systems Directorate (SFSD), where he was responsible for serving as deputy to the Director of SFSD, leading Glenn’s space project management activities that include significant roles in the Agency’s Exploration Systems, International Space Station, and Human Research and Science Programs. Prior to that assignment, Mr. Furnas was Director of the GRC Office of Strategic Management (OSM) for seven years, where he led the strategic planning activities of the Center, including new business development; design and implementation of the Center’s governance structure; and managing the Center’s business management and documentation systems. Prior to OSM, Mr. Furnas was the Director of Engineering and Technical Services Directorate (E&TSD) for seven years. As E&TSD Director, Mr. Furnas led the largest organization at the Center in providing a full range of integrated technical services to GRC including engineering, fabrication, testing, facility management, information technology, and aircraft services for the GRC community. In that role, he led a complete restructuring of the 750-person organization to achieve significant improvements in communication, efficiency, and effectiveness. Mr. Furnas also had overall responsibility for NASA Glenn’s Plum Brook Station, a 6400-acre field station housing four world-class research facilities.

Mr. Furnas is originally from Avon, Ohio, a west-side suburb of Cleveland. He currently resides in Chagrin Falls with his wife of 36 years, and has four daughters.


November 1, 2017
Track 5 – Session F
2:45 p.m.  -  4:15 p.m.